El Abrazo Partido
Director: Daniel Burman
Writers: Marcelo Birmajer and Daniel Burman
Release Date: 25 march 2004 (Argentina)
Genre: Comedy
Plot: Daniel Burman's LOST EMBRACE is a charming, effervescent portrait of a twentysomething man who can't seem to find his place in a rapidly shifting world. After dropping out of college, Ariel (Daniel Hendler) returns home to work in his mother's lingerie store in a Buenos Aires shopping mall. Through his eyes, viewers meet the mall's various shop owners: Osvaldo, who owns a stationary store; the Levin Brothers, who run a fabric business; Rita, who runs the nearby Internet café, and enjoys getting intimate with Ariel in his shop's dressing room; and many more. While helping beautiful woman try on skimpy clothing isn't the worst job in the world, Daniel nonetheless dreams of something bigger. He decides to take advantage of his grandmother's Polish heritage and obtain a Polish passport, which will enable him to embrace an entirely new culture. But when his long-lost father, Elias (Jorge D'Elia), returns, Ariel must finally stop chasing his daydreams and face up to reality. After discovering the real reason Elias abandoned his family, Ariel comes to a wholly unexpected, and deeply profound, realization. Filmed with fly-on-the-wall immediacy by cinematographer Ramiro Civita, LOST EMBRACE is a humane slice-of-life dramedy that features an incredible performance from Hendler.
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