Derecho de Familia
Director: Daniel Burman
Writers: Daniel Burman
Release Date: March 23rd 2006 (Argentina)
Plot: In Daniel Burman's FAMILY LAW, Perelman Jr. (Daniel Hendler), like his father before him, is an attorney. But rather than live in his father's shadow, Perelman Jr. chooses to work as a teacher in a law school. His life is good, if somewhat dull. Things change for the better when he pursues a beautiful former student, a pilates instructor named Sandra (Julieta Diaz), and they have a son together. When his office is unexpectedly closed for several weeks, he doesn't tell Sandra, instead making visits to his son at school and his father at work. As his father begins to reach out to him with subtle urgency, he's forced to question his roles as father, son, and husband, and to contemplate what lies ahead.
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